November 12, 13 & 14 - Agadir, Morocco

Frequently Asked Questions


Devoxx Morocco is the biggest developer conference in the MEA region. It will be held in Agadir during 3 days from November 12th to 14th. The conference is centred on computer technologies, from Mobile to Big Data and Enterprise solutions. More on 2018 & 2017 editions
Devoxx Morocco will take place from November 12th to 14th in Morocco.
Devoxx is the English-speaking European Developer conference. Created in 2001 by Stephan Janssen, chairman of BeJUG, the conference takes place every year in Antwerp, Belgium. Devoxx now attracts nearly 4,000 developers from more than 40 countries during 5 days.
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You are a developer, an expert, a decision maker, an entrepreneur or a passionate about technology?
Then Devoxx Morocco is definitely made for your! Three days to get updated about latest technology trends and meet the best experts in the IT sector. If you are an entrepreneur, you will be pleased to know that we will be organizing a dedicated sessions to help you find your future CTO.
If you see the conference as a full three days high quality training provided by internationally renowned experts that shapes the IT field, then it’s 100% worth the price! We will be also providing 5* lunch and coffee breaks all day long. The conference is also the opportunity to network and find new business partners or IT solutions adapted for your work.
Passes are available for purchase on our site. Once you confirm the payment you will receive an email containing your code to retrieve the badge on the day of the event.
We offer 4 types of entries:
  • The « Deep dive » pass provides access to the first day of the conference.
  • The « Conference » pass provides access to the second and third days.
  • Finally the « Tringa » pass gives you access to three days of the event.
Devoxx Morocco's team is providing various means of payment:
  • National payement: Bank check, bank transfer or cash (at XHUB Office)
  • International Payment: Bank transfer

Contact us on or if you cannot make payment online and we can provide you with alternate solutions.

Yes, in fact we can provide you room hotel (4 or 5) if it's included on your ticket, and depending on our quote availability on the Venue Hôtel. Otherwise there are many good hotel in the area depending of availability of the hotel.
Yes to make it easy for our attendees we are offering multiple package for Devoxx Morocco

Sessions & Presentations

Devoxx Morocco speakers are invited from around the world; therefore conferences are provided in English and French.
The different topics are presented in section Tracks of the website
  • Deep dive: (Tuesday at 9:30am et 1:30pm) Presentation format suitable for in-depth presentations of 2h, it allows you to take time to cover numerous examples and content details.
  • Hands-on Labs: (Tuesday at 9:30am et 1:30pm) Technical Lab and training around a specific subject of 2h. Wi-Fi is provided for participants and you can communicate on the prerequisites to be installed by the participants before the conference.
  • ools-in-Action: (Tuesday at 11:30am et 1:15pm) These are short filmedsessions, of 30 min. A T.I.A is a presentations demonstrating a programming tool, software and libraries.
  • Conference: (Wednesday & Thursday at 11:10 am & 1:30 pm) These are the sessions filmed in one of the 6 rooms after the mornin keynotes. last year we had more than 72 conference sessions.
  • Quickie: (Wednesday & Thursday at 12:10pm & 1:15pm) short 15 minute presentations during Lunch breaks. This format gives no speaker badge, you must have a participant badge.
  • The presentation time include the Questions and Answers.
Of course we do. We record all conference sessions and put them on YouTube right after the event.


Anyone can apply to make a presentation to Devoxx Morocco. You need to first create your speaker profile in the CFP » section of the site. Then fill out the form to describe your presentation. It is possible to provide several presentations requests on different themes or different formats. The Program Committee will go through the proposals and select the best of them after the CFP is close. You will then receive a notification if your proposal has been accepted or not. You can submit proposals for presentations in the different Tracks proposed.
The Devoxx Morocco 2019 CFP will be open May 20th . Last year we received over 350 proposals for close to 100 speaking slots.
No. First, congratulations if your presentation has been selected by the Steering Committee! Speakers Passes are provided for the conferences speakers (in the limit of two people per presentation).
Free entrances are provided for at most two speakers per presentations, conferences and Deep dive Labs. If your presentation requires more than 2 speakers, the third and above will have to pay for their entry.
Yes, simply email us with your details and those of the person you which to give the ticket to.
If you submitted a presentation request on the CFP site and your subject is not retained: do not worry. We keep a reserved of seats that remain available between the results of the CFP and the holding of the conference in order to allow you to register. If unfortunately you are not selected, you will be able to buy your conference Pass.


Yes. We have an exhibition space that can accommodate multiples stands. Devoxx Morocco is an event where technology enthusiasts and industry professionals meet, exchange and collaborate... Experts from around the world will be available to discuss over a coffee or lunch between the conference sessions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
To become a sponsor you can contact us directly on, we will be happy to send you the sponsoring package and discuss with you about your particular requests. The number of exhibitors is limited; please reach out early on before the event.