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October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 🇲🇦
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Marouane Gazanayi
Marouane is an enthusiastic developer who is always eager to expand his knowledge. He actively participates in various events, both as an attendee and organizer, to share his passion for emerging technologies.He thrives in collaborative environments, enjoying the opportunity to work alongside talented individuals and explore innovative ideas and technologies. Marouane constantly seeks ways to enhance the products he contributes to.With a strong focus on pragmatism and effective problem-solving, he actively promotes the principles of software craftsmanship, emphasizing the importance of creating well-crafted and reliable software solutions.
The demand for expert consultants and professional services continues to grow in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. As developers, we often find ourselves in a unique position to offer our technical expertise to clients and organizations seeking guidance. However, excelling in the realm of professional services requires more than just technical skills—it demands a comprehensive understanding of the principles that drive success.
Discover the key principles that drive success in the realm of professional services and consulting in this insightful talk. Drawing from the book "The Seven Principles of Professional Services: A Field Guide for Successfully Walking the Consulting Tightrope" by Shane Anastasi, we will explore the essential principles and their practical applications. From expertise and authority to value creation, relationship building, continuous improvement, results orientation, and ethical conduct, you will gain actionable insights to excel in your consulting career.
Join us and learn how to navigate the consulting tightrope with confidence.
In today's digital landscape, recommendation engines play a vital role in delivering personalized user experiences, fueling business growth, and combating fraud and cybercrime. In this session, we will explore the capabilities of Neo4j, a leading graph database, and the Graph Data Science (GDS) library to build advanced recommendation engines.
During the session, we will showcase how to leverage Neo4j's native graph algorithms and the GDS library to implement cutting-edge recommendation techniques. We will explore collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, and hybrid approaches to capture user preferences, item similarities, and contextual information.
Furthermore, we will discuss practical implementation strategies, including data modeling, query optimization, and scalability considerations. Attendees will gain hands-on insights into designing and deploying recommendation engines using Neo4j and GDS, with real-world use cases illustrating their effectiveness.
Whether you are a developer seeking to enhance your recommendation engine skills or an architect exploring graph-based solutions, this session offers a valuable opportunity to unlock the potential of Neo4j and GDS.
Join us as we embark on a journey to build powerful recommendation engines and revolutionize the way your applications engage and delight users.
Join us at Devoxx for a lightning-fast introduction to using Neo4j with open data. In just one hour, we'll walk you through the basics of Neo4j and how to leverage open data effectively.
Learn data import, modeling, querying, and visualization, and kickstart your journey into this powerful combination.
Perfect for developers, data enthusiasts, or anyone curious about Neo4j and open data. Dive in and explore the world of open data with us!