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Zineb Bendhiba
Red Hat
Zineb is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. She's a passionate open source Java developer with a strong interest in Java, Open Source Software and Integration. With over 15 years of experience in the software industry, she has developed a deep expertise in building robust, scalable applications using Java technologies. As an active committer and PMC member of Apache Camel, she works on developing Camel extensions for Quarkus, bringing Apache Camel integration capabilities to the Cloud Native Java applications.
Have you ever struggled with connecting systems that were not designed to communicate with each other? This is a common challenge faced by many microservices architectures today. In this talk, we’ll explore some of the tools and approaches that can help you break down these silos and integrate your microservices with external systems seamlessly, allowing for faster development cycles and more efficient integration.
We’ll start by introducing Apache Camel, a powerful tool that offers over 300 connectors to transfer data between a wide variety of systems. With its rich set of routing, filtering, and transformation capabilities, Camel is a versatile system integration tool that can help you integrate your systems more efficiently.
Next, we’ll dive into developing a Java application that can seamlessly connect various systems using Apache Camel. With just a few lines of code, we can utilize the power of Camel to transform and transfer data between different systems. Furthermore, we’ll explore how Camel JBang and Quarkus can greatly improve the developer experience.
By the end of this talk, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to connect your Java microservices with external systems faster and more efficiently.
Java is a great programming language, however 'traditional' Java isn't so great to work with when it comes to modern, Cloud Native development. Quarkus is a (fairly) new Java stack that addresses issues such as the typical slow startup time and rather large memory usage that hinder the adoption of Java in container and/or Serverless workloads. Quarkus is not just useful for optimizing resource usage though. There is also a big focus on improving the developer experience.
Come to this session to learn how to build Java applications with ease and joy using Quarkus; work with Dev Services to develop with external dependencies such as databases or Kafka clusters; and containerize and deploy applications to a (provided) Kubernetes cloud sandbox environment.  
A little bit of basic knowledge of Java is helpful for this session, but no further familiarity with Quarkus, Kubernetes, containers or Kafka is required.
After this session, the audience should come away with inspiration to build modern Cloud Native applications with Java and Quarkus, and have fun doing so!