Under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI may god assist him 🇲🇦
October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 🇲🇦
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djalal elbe
DevOps practitioner, Cloud Engineer and Backend Dev, i.e getting paid to get ship done with software and infrastructure all over the world.25 years of learning and , never kept the same job more than 3 years, serial entrepreneur.Maintains mental health with remote work, community activities and human-first relations.
After interviewing dozens of first-time developers in 2023, I found they were showing 3 same symptoms:
  • only got a crappy PFE internship
  • stuck with freelance gigs
  • an inconsistent resume
I thought "these are talented people! they would win big time... if only they could showcase some real world projects", and thus I devised an ideal roadmap that I, as a recruiter, would be excited to find in any resume.

7 real world projects to convince any interviewer

The plot twist is that it's one long project in 7 milestones, demonstrating long-term vision and productification
1 - ship a CLI tool
  • hard skills: linux, system, git
  • soft skills: ideation, documentation
2 - ship the CLI as an API
  • hard skills: backend, asynchronous processing, rate-limit
  • soft skills: ideation, apification
3 - ship an automation to consume API from repos
  • hard skills: github actions, UX/UI
  • soft skills: test, user docs, DX
4 - ship a SaaS for end users
  • hard skills: auth-n, auth-z
  • soft skills: marketing, bizops
5 - ship an integration for automation
  • hard skills: oauth, zapier
  • soft skills: 3rd party marketplace
6 - ship a browser extension
  • hard skills: frontend, UX/UI
  • soft skills: support, user docs, marketplace
7 - share your achievements
  • hard skills: JAMstack, public cloud deployments
  • soft skills: personal branding, content creation
bonus points, split the work with another partner!
  • hard skills: submit patches, process design
  • soft skills: negotiation, team building
How do you go from code passion to first dollar?
Want to learn concrete strategies that turned software engineers into solopreneurs?
Have burning questions about marketing, sales and SaaS pricing?
Looking for inspiration to escape from the monthly salary and share your passion?
Get ready, we've got a 100% local panel lined up for you that's going to inspire and give out all their secrets on stage.
Meet Ayoub, Reda, Youness, Farid and others that will share years of struggle and unpack in one unique session for the first time in DevoxxMA!
What to Expect:
1. Idea Generation and Validation
* How do you decide which idea will make a good product?
2. Tech Stacks and Development
* What's your favorite stack for development?
* Do you ever outsource? If yes, why and how do you manage it?
3. Product Launch
  * When did you launch your most successful product?
  * Landing page, Proof of Concept, MVP, or version 1.0?
  * Where did you launch your most successful product?
  * Social networks, bootstrap platforms, etc.
4. Growth Strategies
  * What strategy did you choose for growth?
  * Product-led, marketing-led, or sales-led?
* Share details on steps that went well, or not so well.
5. Monetization
* How did you make your first dollar as a solopreneur?
* What pricing strategy did you choose, especially in the context of software engineering in Morocco?
* Discuss payment gateways that worked for you.
6. Automation and Scalability
7. Exit Strategies