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October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 🇲🇦
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Raouf Chebri
Raouf is a Developer Advocate at Neon and loves to create content around Postgres and distributed systems that help developers be more productive. He has over a decade of experience in the Technology industry as a Software Engineer and Developer Advocate for Microsoft and ScyllaDB. Outside of technology, Raouf enjoys skiing, and going for (very) long rides on his bike.
Branching in Git allows developers to experiment with new features without impacting the main code base. The problem is that developer teams work on multiple branches simultaneously that share the same development or staging database, which can create conflicts and make it difficult to revert changes or test new features without affecting others.
This talk will explore the benefits of incorporating database branching into your development workflows. We'll see how database branching can help developer teams collaborate better, add it to your GitHub Actions to streamline their CI/CD pipeline, and test features in a safe and isolated environment without affecting the live production database.
We'll explore the underlying serverless architecture and branching building blocks, such as copy-on-write, which allows for creating a full copy of your database instantly.
Join us to learn how to take your development process to the next level!