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Gail Anderson
Anderson Software Group, Inc
Gail C. Anderson is a Java Champion, Oracle Ace Member, and a past member of the NetBeans Dream Team. She is the Director of Research and founding member of the Anderson Software Group, a leading provider of training courses in Java, JavaFX, Python, Go, Modern C++, and Docker and Kubernetes. Gail enjoys researching and writing about leading-edge Java technologies. She is the co-author of nine textbooks on software programming, including β€œThe Definitive Guide to Modern Java Clients with JavaFX 17”, Second Edition. She also contributed to the book β€œ97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know!”.Gail has conducted Technical Sessions and Hands-on Labs at Oracle Code One and JavaOne conferences in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Gail has also presented sessions at Devoxx, Devnexus, and previous JChampions Conferences. For more information about Gail, visit asgteach.com, the Anderson Software Group on Facebook, and @gail_asgteach on Twitter.
Wordle is a popular online game where you have up to six tries to guess a hidden five-letter word. By combining the power of the JavaFX UI toolkit with the latest Java Development Kit features, we show how to implement a client-side version for desktop and for mobile devices using GraalVM to generate native Java images for IOS and Android.
Learn how to create the main UI layout with Scene Builder and use specialized UI controls with pseudo-classes for CSS styling. Understand JavaFX property binding to control UI state, use JavaFX animation, and summarize the game results with JavaFX charts. We'll also use modern Java including lambdas, streams, method references, records, and enhanced switch expressions.