Under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI may god assist him 🇲🇦
October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 🇲🇦
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I am a backend software engineer specializing in Java and Spring Boot. I'm passionate about technology. I code daily and think continuously about optimizing what I code. I enjoy learning and sharing what I've learned, and I love challenges and anything that makes me grow.
JVM is often perceived as a black box taking bytecode as input and generating machine code for execution.
Having only this level of knowledge about the JVM is insufficient for Java developers to have control over the applications they build. Therefore, developers must possess a minimum understanding of JVM components and their functioning.
And that's where this talk comes in. We'll take a look at the components of the JVM, see how they interact with our code, what optimization opportunities they provide, and how we can write code that utilizes the benefits of the JVM to gain better control over the applications we build and to improve performance and overall application efficiency.