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Nicolas Vermandé
Spectro Cloud
Nicolas is an experienced hands-on technologist, evangelist and product owner who has been working in the fields of Cloud-Native technologies, Open Source Software, Virtualization and Datacenter networking for the past 18 years.Passionate about enabling users and building cool tech solving real-life problems, you'll often see him speaking at global tech conferences and online events, spreading the word and walking the walk with customers and users.
There are many different ways you can bootstrap Kubernetes clusters, with various degrees of complexity. Modern Kubernetes installers automate manual tasks but generally, the more they abstract away complexity, the more opinionated they are — and that restricts your choice. Cluster API is different. It is one of the most flexible and efficient tools for managing the Kubernetes lifecycle, whether used for deployments, upgrades or scaling operations. While Cluster API is a powerful tool for provisioning Kubernetes clusters, it doesn't cover everything. Essential add-on components and software, such as node auto-scalers, CNI, ingress controllers, and other key infrastructure elements, are not included.
In this workshop, you will delve into how to supercharge Cluster API by integrating it with various solutions to build production-ready clusters. And for the grand finale, we'll introduce GitOps into the equation using ArgoCD, enhancing scalability and bolstering security. Join Nic as he unveils how to unlock the full potential of Cluster API and transform your Kubernetes journey.