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Pierre Cesmat
Previously RPA developper at Deloitte france, I came back to my passion, the java environment at @SCIAM as a developper 3 years ago and more recently with a tech lead position on my current project.Currently working on an in-house domestic cash management platform for a mondial bank.I did my first H.O.L on Quarkus and Apache Ignite at Rivieira Dev in 2023.Passionate of reverse engineering and game botting, I've learned a lot by praticing it on personnal/side projects.
Imagine a distributed memory database that in addition to the basic key/value storage gives you SQL engine, a proxy to your classic db to cache data, a small message broker, a computation tool for ML model, memory to disk persistence and a lot more ! You have the beginning of the amazing Apache Ignite features list.
Mix this powerful tool with Quarkus, the nextgen microservices framework and you’ll obtain a unique combination to interact with your data.
In this lab, we’ll show you how to get started with Ignite in a Quarkus environment. After having setup your ignite cluster, you’ll create a bunch of microservices to exploit Ignite powerful distributed computation.
The only requirement for this lab is an IDE, Java 17+ and Maven 3.9+