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October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 🇲🇦
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Jeroen Resoort
Jeroen is a Java Consultant at JDriven and a technical speaker at various conferences. He has over 18 years of experience writing enterprise applications. He is passionate about writing good code, learning new technologies and sharing his knowledge with others. In his spare time, he likes to teach kids about technology and programming.
Have you ever wanted to know how games were being developed back in the 80s? Now is your chance! Get to know low-level programming concepts in a fun and exciting way. Programming an 8 bit NES computer with only 2 kilobytes of RAM is something completely different from our modern day to day work. Luckily, in this workshop we will cheat a bit and use a modern IDE and emulator to get you started quickly. Join this workshop to find out about the magic of 80s technology and learn how to develop games for classic machines.