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Shinya Yanagihara
As a Developer Advocate at VMware Japan, I am enlightening the public about Cloud Native technologies centered on Kubernetes and application development technologies such as Spring and Java. One technology area of particular interest and focus is what is next for Kubernetes, which is at the center of the current Cloud Native platform. I'm exploring what the platform and applications that will be built on Kubernetes should be after it becomes popular and universal as the next generation operating system.In the past, I worked at IBM and Oracle, where I was responsible for traditional application architecture, development, and platform building. I then moved on to Pivotal and Google Cloud, where I worked on cloud native applications and platforms, and them leading to my current role.
It has already been 7 years since the first version of Kotlin was released. When it was first released, I didn’t use Kotlin much because I thought it was only for mobile development, and it wasn’t until about a year later that I realized that Kotlin could also be used for server-side development, which is where I started using it.
Now, it’s 2023, and no one thinks Kotlin is only for Android development, right? You still think it is a language for mobile development?
I myself have been enjoying the productivity of Kotlin itself since I started using it for server-side development. It is truly the developer experience that a programming language provides. And Kotlin is supported by your favorite Spring, which you have seen on start.spring.io.
In this session, I would like to share with you the joy of Spring development with Kotlin.