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October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 - 🇲🇦 Marrakesh 🌞🌴
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n this captivating talk, we delve into the world of LangChain, an innovative technology that combines humor with robust technical capabilities. We explore the essence of LangChain, emphasizing the pivotal role of Python as the language of choice for artificial intelligence. By showcasing LangChain as the core foundation for future autonomous agents, we unveil the incredible potential it holds in revolutionizing the AI landscape. Prepare to be entertained and enlightened as we embark on a deep exploration of LangChain and its importance in shaping the future of AI.
1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of LangChain, its technical intricacies, and its role in empowering autonomous agents.
2. Discover the significant influence of Python as the language of choice for AI, and how it synergizes with LangChain's capabilities.
3. Recognize the humorous aspects of LangChain, and how they contribute to a more engaging and enjoyable AI development experience.
4. Understand the potential of LangChain in transforming various industries and sectors through the deployment of autonomous agents.
5. Leave inspired and motivated to explore the possibilities of LangChain in your own AI projects, leveraging its strengths and benefits for future innovation.
Juantomás García
Sngular People S.L
Chief Envisioning Officer at Sngular
Google Developer Expert for machine learning
Google Developer Expert for cloud 
Author of the Spanish free software book "La Pastilla Roja"
Organizer of Machine Learning Spain, Quantum & Beers and GDG cloud Madrid meetups.
Former President of Hispalinux (Spanish Linux Local User Group) 
Team leader: “AbadIA” the AI that will learn to solve the abbey of crime.
Creator of MagIA Show
International speaker with more than 300 talks