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Hydration is a technique that allows a static page rendered on the server side to be turned into a dynamic page on the client side, with the major objective of displaying a web page to the user immediately.
This practice has been around for a few years now, and we are therefore entitled to think that all the problems related to it have been solved.
And yet ... this is not the case. There are different hydration methods associated with different frameworks.
So what are these different types? Which method is used by which framework? Is this process really useful? Can't we simplify it even more than it is today?
This talk will allow you to understand the stakes of hydration and server side rendering, to acquire the necessary knowledge to make the right choice of framework corresponding to your needs and to bring you to understand why the Qwik framework was invented.
Nicolas Frizzarin
Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular, also an OpenJs Foundation Member, Nicolas is a FontEnd specialist and user Interface Designer from Metz, France. He works as a Developer Advocate and Senior Staff Engineer at Sfeir Luxembourg. His daily mission is to help teams to make robust, powerful and beautiful web applications Besides that, Nicolas is a speaker, and likes to contribute to the community by giving talks, trainings, writing articles or participating in open source projects