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The complexity of today's software applications necessitates a more reliable, resilient, and dynamic approach to application management. We’ve all heard of Kubernetes, an open-source platform that automates container operations, obviating the need for manual processes involved in deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications. 
What’s not widely discussed are the tradeoffs when choosing one implementation over another. Should you use vanilla Kubernetes, or a managed service. Is AKG, GKE or EKS a better choice for my application? But at the end of the day Kubernetes should allow you to easily migrate from one platform to another right? 
Here in lies the portability paradox: as you choose services that are more native to one platform over another, which are subjectively easier for that deployment scenario you’re trading your ability to easily migrate your application over to another platform. 
In this talk, we will dive into the nuances of this Portability Paradox. We will unpack how Kubernetes, while facilitating speed and flexibility, can also introduce new dependencies, forcing you to make tradeoffs between ease of use and vendor dependencies.
This talk will offer practical insights and strategies to utilize Kubernetes to best prepare you for the Portability Paradox, helping you to strike a balance between speed, flexibility, and dependencies.
Peter ONeill
Peter O'Neill is a Sr. DevOps Engineer at WebRiot, where he plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to adopt and thrive on cloud technologies. With an illustrious career spanning multiple roles such as Network Engineer, Product Education, and Developer Advocate, Peter brings a diverse skill set and vast experience to the forefront for clients on their digital transformation journeys.
Outside of his professional endeavors, Peter is deeply invested in open-source technology, especially projects in the CNCF. Aside from virtual contributions, he is also a local organizer for his local DevOps Days Denver conference and monthly meetups.
In addition, Peter is an established international speaker who regularly shares his insights and experiences with wider audiences. His presentations revolve around his core areas of expertise, which include DevOps, Developer Relations (DevRel), and Open Source technologies. By leveraging his understanding of these subjects, Peter continues to inspire and educate others, driving innovation and knowledge sharing within the tech community.
Connect with Peter for speaking opportunities using @peteroneilljr on all major social channels.