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October 2 - 4 - Devoxx Morocco 2024 🇲🇦
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As short-living applications such as event-driven applications like FaaS (function as a service) got popular, Java was not selected for building such applications due to its slow start-up time. However, situation has changed! Newly added features help Java applications start rapidly and run faster, and Java has been gradually selected in this area. In this session, we explore technologies that have been introduced before and will be introduced in the future and share real use cases and demos with you. You can learn Java can be an option for short-live applications' platform and change your recognition.
Akihiro Nishikawa
Working for Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect, based in Japan. Expertise in application development with Java and application integration, including API management and EDI. Also, a staff member of JJUG (Japan Java Users Group).