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React Hooks: The good, the bad and the ugly
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Everyone says: "I love React Hooks", but nobody says: "What's wrong with React Hooks?"
No one can deny the fact that React Hooks are widely praised for their simplicity and ease of extensibility. However, they definitely come at a cost.
And as developers, we really want to ensure a reusable yet clean code, and in this case, Hooks are considered a double-edged sword.
In this talk I'll touch on React Hooks use cases, its downsides, and how to prevent it from 'spaghetti-ing' your code :)
Merouane Zouaid
Software Engineer | Data Science Student | DevRel @milliondotjs | Part-time Content Creator
My name is Merouane Zouaid (AKA Kaito) from Agadir, very passionate about all aspects of software engineering, open source and machine learning and enjoy learning new skills everyday. I also make memes :)
Currently, I am pursuing an Engineering Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at ENSAM Rabat.