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Dare to test your Prod on CI. Hold my drink , and check Testcontainers
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
We all know about the importance of testing, we do our unit tests, we continue with our integration tests….. but in each case we are always testing isolated features and we use mocks for those things not important in those tests….. So what about testing everything with real layers and all together ? And, even better, having that big test encapsulated in our project test suits and runnable locally and from our CI… Here is where Testcontainers appear.
In this talk I will explain what was my experience introducing Testcontainers in our project which includes 8 external components, and how we test the whole application including network, and product versions, and taking into account particular configurations on each layer involved.
jonathan vila
Java Champion, Organiser at BarcelonaJUG, and cofounder of JBCNConf and DevBcn conferences in Barcelona.
Currently working as Developer Advocate in Java for Sonarsource (SonarLint, SonarQube), focused on Clean Code & Security.
Former SE at Tetrate, SSE at Red Hat in Keycloak team, SSE at Ocado Technology, SSE at Netcentric.
I have worked as a (paid) developer since the first release of The Secret of Monkey Island, about 30 years ago using Go on Kubernetes for a Service Mesh layer on top of Istio | Java on Kubernetes for K8s Operator, Rest API, using Quarkus, GraalVM, Apache Camel | PHP | VB | Python | Pascal | C
Very interested in simulated reality, psychology, and Java.